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Custom Development

Waspper continue to push the boudatries of each of these jet washers products and accessories solutions as we advance beyond the „State of the Art“ to the „State What is Possible“. 

What we do

Once design approval is provided following to ensure that the equipment we build meets or exceeds customer expectations, Waspper accomplishes equipment startup and runs every piece of equipment before it is delivered to the customer. 


Step one

Custom equipment design and develpment process. 

Step two

Concept development, preliminary design, detailed design.

Step three

Procurement and Fabrication, Assembly, Startup.

Step four

Istallation, training and support.

 Expand your Business  With Jet Washer

Many diverse manufacturing companies have asked Waspper to help with the development of new products as floating water pumps, tractor power equipment, hydraulic powered high-pressure washers and fire fighting equipment.


Hobby machines

professional machines


Our Latest Work

Starting in the preliminary research stage and continuing throughout the project, internal brainstorming sessions are held which involve team members with skills in engineering, software, design, and fabrication so that we thoroughly cover all critical aspects of the project.

Custom development
custom development equipment
custom development equipment
custom development

Custom Development Equipment

Clients come to Waspper to tap into our broad expertise about petrol high pressure washer and accessories. Waspper prides itself on providing novel solutions for its client base and serves as a trusted advisor to clients all over the world.