We are a full service

Private Label

You want to launch a jet washer product in a short time ? Our Private Label range is made for you. Producing your own private label brands  is never the easiest project to undertake. 

What we do

We work with small and large companies alike and are key suppliers to some well known brands in the market place. Equally we supply many smaller independent distributors.

Step one

Contact us via email with subject Private label.

Step two

You get Private label brochure to see our offers.

Step three

Adaptation Private label product to your brand.

Step four

You have ready products and we send it to your warehouse.

 Expand your Business  With Jet Washer

Many diverse manufacturing companies have asked Waspper to help with the development of new products as floating water pumps, tractor power equipment, hydraulic powered high-pressure washers and fire fighting equipment.


Hobby machines

professional machines


Our Full-Brand-Service

What you can expect when working with us? 

We offer you an individual portfolio of services. Our full-brand-services includes all stages off development.

Jet Washer Product
Private Label Waspper
Private Label Waspper
Private Label Waspper photo of products
Private Label Waspper photo of products
Private Label Waspper photo of products

Custom Development Equipment

Clients come to Waspper to tap into our broad expertise about petrol high pressure washer and accessories. Waspper prides itself on providing novel solutions for its client base and serves as a trusted advisor to clients all over the world.