Our customers have a full service of jet washer.

What we Do

We Cover an Array of Hobby & Professional Petrol High Pressure Washer Services

Hobby Jet Washers

Waspper pressure washers are easy to use, packed with features and easily expandable to meet the most demanding needs – from car washing to home use.

Professional Jet Washers

Used by professionals across the world, Gaspper pressure washers meet strict EU guidelines and are customized to meet your business needs.

Service All Brand of Jet Washers

We can provide the best possible service, maintenance and repairs for your pressure washers. While you concentrate on your business, we make sure that your machines are working.

Petrol Water Pumps

Petrol Water Pumps

If you need to pump water from a pond, flooded land, or a flooded basement and either mains power’s not available or could cause a danger, then use powerful petrol water pump. 

Accessories for Jet Washers

Discover the best pressure washer accessories. As well as power washer parts for many of the models, including extension hoses, there is also a range of power wash accessories.

Spare Parts for Jet Washers

Browse our wide selection of pressure washer spares to keep your garden appliances working like new. We stock a range of power washer parts and accessories with everything you need. 

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Waspper, Ltd. has one of the best petrol high pressure washers in the world.And now you can expand your business with a jet washer, too. There are several ways to join us.

About Us

Waspper is a Proud Supplier of Jet Washers

Our commitment is producing quality and production speed ensures that the relationship with customer is long and productive.

„We are very satisfied with the helpfulness of Waspper.  The goods they supply are of high quality and we can always rely on them. The prototypes they prepared for us met our expectations.

Cole Perry

Co-Owner, IGT

„Delivery of goods to the customer is always on time. I am satisfied with commision. They have a great warranty service. Once was jet washer claimed. After delivery of the product to company, it was repaired within two days and sent back to the customer.“

Stacy Waller

Dropshipping entrepreneur

„Waspper is 100% the best manufacturer. We have loved the experience with Waspper and will never leave.“

William Davidson

Amazon FBA reseller

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Our Clients Are Like a Family

Do you want to start your business with us? Good idea. If you want to be an Amazon FBA reseller, Drop Shipper or want to build your new business,  contact us. Our clients are like our family. We will provide you with all the necessary information, xml file or product catalogue. We are ready to answer your questions. 


Waspper, Ltd. has the following corporate goals:

  • To critically evaluate our customer’s needs and to provide them with the finest long-term solutions
  • To provide a convenient climate that encourages each employee to maximize his or her performance
  • To establish appropriate teams to minimize the development cycle while maximizing product quality
  • To make safety a top priority in both the Waspper work environment and the equipment we produce.

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There are different ways for us to get in touch and answer your questions.

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